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Novexx Solutions (Avery Dennison) printhead A4031 (203 dpi) for thermal Novexx Solutions label printer


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Product number: PRPK0098
USP private label A4031 (203 dpi) thermal print head that prints without ink or toner. The print heads print directly on thermal material, or by means of an ink ribbon on various materials. The ink ribbon is also called ThermoTransfer Ribbon (TTR) or Ribbon.

The thermal print head from Novexx Solutions (Avery Dennison) is an electronic component in which there are small pressure points (dots) or thermal resistors on a single line along the print head (the print strip). These dots can be electronically controlled and heated individually. The higher the number of dots, the better the print quality.

The thermal print head is a sensitive part of a label printer. The printhead is a wear component, the service life of which depends, among other things, on the maintenance of the thermal printhead.

In practice, contamination occurs on the printhead, which is easy to clean. This soiling often consists of thermal transferlink residue, glue and paper residue and other environmental dirt. In addition to causing lower print quality, contamination causes temperature deviations in the thermal print head. As a result, there is a chance of dot failure.

Heat, cooling and mechanical pressure are the main reasons why thermal printheads wear out. The rapid heating and cooling of the dots, combined with the mechanical pressure on the passing paper or ink ribbon will cause the print head to wear. Depending on the age and time of use, the print head will print lighter, or certain dots will drop out resulting in ultimately inferior quality prints.

Types of printheads
The printhead variants are distinguished by the placement of the heating elements:

  • Flat-Head Printheads
    Here the heating elements are located at a distance of a few millimeters from the edge of the carrier plate. The print ribbon and the print medium run parallel for a short time and are separated with delay. These printheads are especially suitable for roll printing.

  • True-edge printheads
    Here the heating elements are not located on the carrier plate, but on the thin head side. These printheads can be adjusted in height and are therefore particularly suitable for printing on rigid materials.

  • Near-Edge Printheads
    Here the heating elements are located directly at the edge of the carrier plate and the printhead is angled. The printing ribbon and the printing medium are separated more quickly, which increases the demands on the printing ribbons. However, higher print speeds can be achieved with this than with flat-head printheads.
Specifications "Novexx Solutions (Avery Dennison) printhead A4031 (203 dpi) for thermal Novexx Solutions label printer"
Available for: Novexx Solutions
Product group: Printheads
Uitvoering: Without mounting plate
OEM and/or part numbers: Replacement print head for OEM numbers :
  • Novexx Solutions (Avery Dennison) : A4031
Replacement print head for print head numbers :
  • Novexx Solutions (Avery Dennison) : A4031_WM
  • Novexx Solutions (Avery Dennison) : KPA-104-8MTA4-AVL
OEM number: A4031
Other specifications:
DPI (Dots per Inch)300
Machine models: Suitable for :
  • Novexx Solutions (Avery Dennison) XLP504 label printer
  • Novexx Solutions (Avery Dennison) AP 5.4 label printer
  • Novexx Solutions (Avery Dennison) AP 7.T label printer
  • Novexx Solutions (Avery Dennison) AP 4.4 label printer
Manufacturer "Original supplier"
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