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Becker is a leading brand in vacuum pump technology, providing efficient and reliable solutions for various industries. Their products are renowned for their high-quality build and superior performance. At, you can purchase Becker spare parts, including carbon vanes and air filters, ensuring their pumps continue to operate at peak performance.
Becker is a leading manufacturer of industrial pressure and vacuum pumps, offering high-quality solutions for various applications in industry. The following are relevant answered sub-questions about Becker and its product range and components, including carbon vanes and air filters.

What is Becker and what is its history?

Becker is a German company founded in 1885 and has been manufacturing industrial pumps and compressors for more than 135 years. The company has built a strong reputation as an innovative and reliable supplier of high-quality equipment for various sectors, including the packaging, medical and woodworking industries.

What is Becker's product range?

Becker's range includes different types of industrial pumps and compressors, including vacuum pumps, oil-free vane pumps and side channel pumps. Becker also offers tailor-made solutions for specific applications and customer needs.

What are carbon vanes?

Carbon vanes are essential components of vacuum pumps and compressors, including those from Becker. They are used to move air and gas and are a crucial part of the vacuum process. Becker supplies high-quality carbon vanes suitable for different types of pumps and compressors.

What are air filters and why are they important?

Air filters are crucial components of industrial pumps and compressors as they prevent dirt, dust and other contaminants from entering the equipment. Replacing or cleaning air filters regularly can extend the life of pumps and compressors and improve performance.

Where can I buy Becker products and spare parts?

Becker products and parts are available from selected dealers and distributors around the world. A reliable source for Becker products and parts is, a reputable supplier of industrial equipment and parts. offers an extensive range of Becker products and parts, including, carbon vanes and air filters.