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Honeywell is a trusted brand in the world of industrial printing, known for its high-quality and reliable print heads. Whether you need to print on labels, tags, or other materials, Honeywell's print heads are designed to provide excellent performance and long-lasting durability. Choose Honeywell for all your printing needs and experience the difference in quality.
Honeywell is a well-known brand in the field of technology and innovation. The company is a leader in the development of various products such as automation and control solutions, aerospace systems, and building management systems. Among Honeywell's most popular product lines are their thermal label printers, which have become an essential tool for many businesses worldwide.

What are thermal label printers?

Thermal label printers are devices that use heat to create high-quality, durable labels. They are widely used in various industries, including healthcare, retail, logistics, and manufacturing, to print product labels, barcodes, shipping labels, and more. The labels produced by thermal printers are smudge-proof and can withstand exposure to water, oil, and chemicals, making them ideal for use in harsh environments.

What is Honeywell's product range for thermal label printers?

Honeywell offers a broad range of thermal label printers to meet the needs of different businesses. Their printers are designed to be easy to use, durable, and produce high-quality labels. Some of the popular Honeywell thermal label printer models include the PC42t desktop printer, the PM42 mid-range printer, and the PX940 industrial printer.

The PC42t desktop printer is an ideal choice for small businesses and startups that require a low-cost, high-performance printer. It is easy to set up and use, and it produces clear, high-quality labels with a resolution of up to 300 dpi.

The PM42 mid-range printer is designed for medium to large businesses that require a fast, reliable, and versatile printer. It features a durable metal construction, a large color touchscreen display, and an intuitive user interface. The PM42 can print at speeds of up to 12 inches per second and can handle label widths of up to 4.3 inches.

The PX940 industrial printer is designed for high-volume printing in harsh industrial environments. It features a rugged metal construction, an intuitive color touchscreen display, and advanced RFID encoding capabilities. The PX940 can print at speeds of up to 12 inches per second and can handle label widths of up to 6.6 inches.

Where can I buy Honeywell thermal print heads?

Honeywell thermal print heads and other spare parts are available at various online and offline retailers. One of the most reputable sources for Honeywell thermal print heads is They offer a wide selection of genuine Honeywell spare parts, including thermal print heads, at competitive prices. is a leading provider of industrial electronics repair services and spare parts worldwide.

In conclusion,Honeywell's thermal label printers are an excellent choice for businesses that require high-quality, durable labels for their products. The range of printers available from Honeywell is designed to meet the needs of different businesses, from small startups to large industrial facilities. To ensure that your Honeywell printer continues to produce high-quality labels, it's essential to use genuine Honeywell spare parts. offers a wide selection of Honeywell thermal print heads and other spare parts that can be purchased online at