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Set of 7 carbon vanes 0722522488 | 0722534079 (95x44x4 mm) for vacuum pumps


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Product number: VAVA0076
USP private label vane replacement kit with 7 high quality carbon vanes. The carbon rotor blades have a length of 95 mm, width of 44 mm and thickness of 4 mm.

These carbon vanes or blades are extremely suitable as vane material for dry running vacuum pumps and compressors without oil. With this, the best performance is achieved from the machine. Carbon vanes can be universal, making the parts fit into different pumps and suitable for different brands. Article number 0722522488 is suitable for vacuum pumps from Busch. This is an original manufacturer (original equipment manufacturers).

Vanes are rotating discs that allow the creation of suction for the removal of air molecules from a vessel, machine or a specific area. These components are widely used for the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. A rotary vane vacuum pump operates on a positive displacement pumping principle. It consists of a rotor, which is mounted in a cylindrical housing.

Its operation is highly dependent on the environment in which it is rotating. A wet, dirty, very hot or cold environment affects the life of the carbon filters, which are incorporated in dry running vacuum pumps.
Specifications "Set of 7 carbon vanes 0722522488 | 0722534079 (95x44x4 mm) for vacuum pumps"
Available for: Busch
Machines models: Busch DC 0040 C, Busch SD 1040 B, Busch SD 1040 C, Busch SV 1040 B, Busch SV 1040 C
Material: Carbon
Number of products per set: 7
Product group: Vanes
Thickness (mm): 4
OEM and/or part numbers: Replacement parts for :
  • Busch Aerodur 274 Zirkon vanes * : 0722544213
  • Busch Aerodur 274 Zircon vanes * : 0722207620 
  • Busch vanes : 0722522488
  • Busch vanes : 0722534079
* NOTE : these are standard carbon vanes and do not have the extended life of the Zirkon vanes but can be used as replacements.
Height (mm): 44
Length (mm): 95
Machine models: Suitable for :
  • Busch SD 1040 C vacuum pump
  • Busch SD 1040 B vacuum pump
  • Busch SV 1040 B vacuum pump
  • Busch DC 0040 C vacuum pump
  • Busch SV 0040 C vacuum pump
Seo OEM-nr: 0722522488
Manufacturer "Unlimited Spare Parts"
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