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Food Industry

The food industry is the largest industry in the Netherlands. This industry changes product properties from raw materials to a finished or semi-finished product. The preparation of different types of food for humans and animals is a big part of the food industry. There is also a retail aspect within this industry. This section deals with supermarkets and other retailers that sell canned, prepared foods and fresh produce. Products are produced through various unit operations such as refrigeration, sterilization, slicing, filling and packaging.


Production is achieved by means of machines with the latest innovative techniques. These are set to meet all the requirements laid down to ensure food safety. This is the high priority within the food industry.

Legislation must also be taken into account in the design, maintenance and manufacture of the process installations. The government carries out regular inspections of companies and factories. They also check whether a food safety plan has been drawn up and whether all the rules for food preparation are being observed.

Development and innovation of food products and their production methods is a continuous process. In this way all wishes and requirements are permanently met with regard to the consumer and food safety.

End product

When changing product properties, a distinction is made between semi-finished products and finished products. An end product is immediately ready for use. The semi-manufactured products need several processes to be complete before they reach the consumer.