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For many people, coffee is the very first and perhaps most important moment of the day. Coffee continues to gain in popularity, making it the second most traded commodity in the world. Coffee has a long and overarching commodity chain that includes export, import, production, distribution and retail. The European coffee market is large and saturated. The majority of consumers buy the standard filter coffee. In recent years, the purchase for cups and capsule systems has grown which has brought about a change within the coffee culture.


The coffee industry is moving with the trends in terms of sustainability and quality. More and more companies are selling coffee directly to the consumer. This has the advantage of guaranteeing quality and using more sustainable packaging. There is also more choice of products and the prices are more favorable. By removing some of the chains in the supply chain, sales can be faster and cheaper. Because it is faster, the beans are fresher and the taste is even better.

Fresh and well-packaged

In order to maintain freshness of the coffee, packaging is an essential part of this industry. If the packaging is not made airtight, it has a negative effect on the flavor and quality of the coffee beans. In addition, packaging must also block UV radiation. Packaging and the method of transport are constantly evolving. There is a challenge to make packaging more sustainable.

Coffee to go

The popular drink has also seen many developments as a product and new variants are still being invented. Nowadays, drinking coffee fits in with a healthy lifestyle and we take the various types of coffee with us wherever we go.