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Confectionery industry

This market is constantly changing. It consists of the production and manufacture of chocolate, chewing gum and other sugar-based products. It is the strongest selling industry within food products. As in all other food industries, the focus in the confectionery industry is on safely producing and delivering the very best products.


Sugar-based products have the term confectionery as a synonym. However, snacks, sandwich fillings, ice cream, desserts and pastries also fall under the confectionery industry. Typically, these products contain few healthy nutrients and are high in calories and sugars. Artificial sweeteners are also added to the products.


The confectionery industry responds to the need to enjoy food. Cookies, candy and chocolate are different products, yet there are similarities. These products are often for the same customers and use the same raw materials. The companies within this industry vary from large multinationals to small and medium-sized enterprises. It is also an industry where crafts and manufacturing are popular.

Distribution channels of this confectionery industry are very diverse. We find the snacks and bags of candy at the supermarket but also at gas stations, discount chains, department stores, drugstores, garden centers and candy stores.

Healthy snacking

The increasingly conscious society has also made this business more sustainable. It is expected that the producers of confectionery will lower the sugar content and reduce the portions. This is to promote the health of the society. The call about the responsibility of this food chain when it comes to healthy eating will become louder in the future. There is talk of a so-called sugar tax on sweets. We are already seeing this in soft drinks. Changes will also be seen in the method of packaging to optimize shelf life and convenience.