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Fish and Seafood

The commercial fishing industry is the oldest industry in the world. It ranges from traditional sea fishing to fish farms and freshwater fishing. Fish has many varieties and is a popular product. It is full of nutrients and fish is a good substitute for meat and a great addition to a balanced diet.

Fishing industry

The fishing industry has a diverse process. It starts with catching, then harvesting, processing, transportation, then distribution and finally marketing. The industry also represents the development of machinery for processing but also the manufacture of special refrigeration equipment to ensure quality.

Farmed Fisheries

The Dutch mainly eat fish from the North Sea. Think of sole, plaice and herring. In contrast, farmed fishery takes place in lakes and coastal waters. These areas are cordoned off with nets. An even more sustainable way of farming is called the recirculation system. The ponds are not connected to open water. The water is constantly filtered and reused. Waste products are processed and converted to water and carbon dioxide.

Processing and packaging

Due to different applications of the fish and seafood, efficiency, processing capacity and food safety are of great importance. In order to get the freshest possible product to stores and consumers, accurate processing is a requirement. Drainage, glazing, deep cooling and correct packaging of all kinds of fish is therefore essential to meet the need but also the quality requirements.