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Fruit and vegetable processing industry

Products from the fruit and vegetable processing industry are perhaps the healthiest. All products within this industry are processed and preserved immediately after harvest. The products are packed with nutrients. It is an industry that processes fresh fruits and vegetables and ensures that consumers can have the freshest products in their homes. Therefore, long shelf life is a big part of this industry. We find the fresh produce in cans, aluminum, glass and cardboard. The industry delivers high quality and provides the best products all year round. It strives for a sustainable, transparent and safe chain where every piece of fruit or vegetable can be traced back to its origin.

Healthy growth

Fruit and vegetables are healthy. At a time when healthy eating and attention to these types of food is becoming increasingly important, innovative craftsmanship is growing along with this sector. New technologies and innovation remain a challenge. To continue to meet the constant demand from the market, companies in this industry will have to start focusing on new products, processes and consumer groups.

Products that originate from this industry are widely used by consumers and other buyers. These include freshly processed fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, fresh and dried pulses, sauces, jams, drinks and fruit juices. Half of all products produced in the Netherlands are exported abroad.


To continue to meet demand, process innovations within this sector are of great importance. Adjustments need to be made by improving and making more efficient all kinds of processes. These current changes and plans for the future are a response to the ever faster changing world in which sustainability and welfare play an ever greater role. Innovative developments are visible in the way fresh fruit and vegetables are packaged, but we will also notice innovations in cultivation and farming techniques.