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Meat Industry

The meat industry is a collective term for companies that ensure that consumers can consume meat. These include livestock farms, transporters, slaughterhouses, meat processors and large storage areas where the meat is kept at the best temperature in order to be offered to consumers in, for example, a supermarket. The meat industry is mainly focused on the preparation of meat for human consumption but also produces by-products that are placed in other off-take groups. Hides, feathers, dried blood but also, for example, tallow, fat, protein meals and bone meal. These result from the process of rendering.

Innovative production

Meat producers in the Netherlands are more often working with certain market concepts in order to meet market demands. The concepts within the meat industry are trend-sensitive and there is increasing attention for this industry from different areas. Many innovative production systems are being developed based on targeted questions from the market. In addition, new concepts are devised by entrepreneurs whereby extra attention is given to feed, housing, the environment and animal welfare.

Meat sector

The meat sector in the Netherlands produces and exports to various markets. Besides the supermarkets in our own country, the products are transported within the European Union and to countries like Korea or Japan. The requirements set by the buyers and the corresponding country are put back to the livestock farmer. These livestock farms make a choice which market they want to serve so that they can guarantee the specific requirements for, for example, animal welfare and housing.

Types of meat

The best known types of meat in the meat processing industry in the Netherlands are pork, veal, organic meat and beef. In organic meat processing even more attention is paid to animal welfare and the restriction of crop protection agents.

The Dutch companies active in the meat industry have a head start in the field of research and innovative market concepts. Competition from abroad is fierce and demands constant development and innovation. This ranges from raising livestock to packaging and preparing different types of meat. Each part of this industry continues to develop continuously from a socially responsible and sustainable point of view.