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Meat substitutes

These products are on the rise. The term meat substitutes stands for more than just a replacement product for meat. The meat substitutes we now see in supermarkets provide iron and vitamin B12 in addition to a large amount of protein. For these reasons, they are referred to as vegetarian products rather than meat substitutes. These vegetarian products are a good addition to a healthy lifestyle and especially for people who do not want to eat meat at all or want to eat less meat. The meat substitutes contain nutritional values that are equivalent to meat products.


Besides the healthy aspect of these products, sustainability also plays a major role in why people choose meat replacement products. Tofu, quorn, legumes, nuts and ready-made meat replacements rank first when it comes to other sources of protein. Next come products that offer similar nutritional values with dairy and in last place meat substitutes with cheese.


Many meat substitutes are made from soy, fungi or grain and thus require fewer raw materials in production than when it comes to a piece of meat. This is not true when it comes to products with dairy or cheese. It is better for the environment if people eat less meat and choose meat replacement products more often. This is because animal products place a greater burden on the environment than plant products. Partly because of this, the intake of protein sources is encouraged by the government.