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Pet food industry

Good nutrition is important for the well-being of animals. The animal food industry provides food for pigs, cattle, poultry and miscellaneous. The food for animals consists in most cases of ingredients of plant and animal origin. Companies within the animal feed industry have similar processes and they often involve large volumes.


In general, feed can be divided into roughage, concentrate, single feed, mixed feed, complete feed and incomplete feed. Roughage is for cows and goats and promotes the ruminating process. It contains few nutrients. Concentrated feed is for horses, sheep and, for example, rabbits. Compound feed is an example of this, it consists of flour or pellets from a feed mill. Single feed is food consisting of one product. The difference between complete and incomplete feed is in the processed nutrients. Incomplete feeds do not contain all the necessary nutrients and additional feeding is required.


Volumes continue to increase, the growth of livestock farms is a cause of this. The need for efficient process solutions in the compound feed industry is constantly evolving.

For the processing and manufacturing of animal feed, there is a growing understanding of the optimal composition for keeping livestock healthy. Technological processes are important to support growth and health.