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Heating elements

Electric heating elements are widely used industry-wide for such purposes as climate control in control cabinets or booths for packaging machines and other machinery. The heating elements are used for heating plastics, food, oil, shrink film and packaging materials or, for example, in the packaging, medical, food and pharmaceutical industries. High reliability of these elements is of great importance to ensure that the supported production process runs reliably, efficiently and safely.
Heating elements are crucial for packaging machines that use heat to melt and form materials such as plastics and films into packages. PT-100 heating elements are a popular choice for packaging machines because they offer high accuracy and reliability. In this text, we will discuss what PT-100 heating elements are, what they are used for and why they are important to the packaging industry.

What are PT-100 heating elements?

PT-100 heating elements are a type of resistance sensor used to measure and control temperature in packaging machines. These heating elements are made of platinum and are used to generate and control heat. PT-100 is an international standard for resistance thermometers that provides accurate measurement of temperature in packaging machines.

Applications of PT-100 heating elements

PT-100 heating elements are used in various types of packaging machines, such as sealers, fillers, sealers and slicers. These heating elements are used to melt and form materials such as plastics and films into the desired packaging. PT-100 heating elements are also used to measure and control the temperature in the packaging machine so that materials are kept at the right temperature for optimal packaging.

Why are PT-100 heating elements important to the packaging industry?

PT-100 heating elements are vital to the packaging industry for several reasons:
  1. Accuracy: PT-100 heating elements offer high accuracy in temperature measurement and control. This ensures consistent, high-quality packaging and reduces the likelihood of errors and rejects.
  2. Reliability: PT-100 heating elements are reliable and long-lasting, reducing packaging machine downtime. This increases productivity and reduces long-term maintenance costs.
  3. Efficiency: PT-100 heating elements provide a more efficient packaging process by melting and forming materials quickly and accurately. This increases productivity and reduces labor and material waste costs.
  4. Safety: PT-100 heating elements are designed to be safe to use and prevent injury. Proper maintenance and replacement of the elements on time, ensures a safe working environment.

Which packaging machines contain heating elements?

We offer high-quality heating elements for top sealing machines and VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) machines, which ensure a fast and consistent sealing process. Our heating elements are designed with the latest technologies and are made of durable materials that can withstand high temperatures and wear and tear.

They also come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect match for your specific machine. With our heating elements, you can ensure that your packaging process runs smoothly and efficiently. Whether you are packaging food, pharmaceuticals or other goods, our heating elements offer the reliability and precision you need to safely package your products.

If you are looking for quality heating elements for your topseal machine or VFFS machine, choose our products. We offer not only high-quality products, but also excellent customer service and technical support. Contact us today to find out how we can help you optimize your packaging process.


PT-100 heating elements are an essential part of packaging machines that use heat to melt and form materials into packages.