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Circular knives

Discover Unlimited Spare Parts' high-quality circular knives for the packaging, meat and process industries. Our durable knives offer accuracy and reliability in the cutting process. Visit our webshop at for a wide selection and improve your cutting performance. Round and circular knives are used in many different processes and industries. The shape varies. Like the shape, the cutting edge also varies. It has different profiles.

What is a circular knife?

Circular knives are widely used in the packaging industry for cutting various materials, including film, paper and cardboard. It is an essential tool for cutting packaging to size and it ensures efficient production. In this text, we explain what circle knives are, how they work and why they are so important in the packaging industry.

Circular knives or round knives are used in many processes and industries. Their sizes and shapes can vary. Circular knives are used for cutting products including mushroom, fruit and vegetable, chicken, foil, plastic, rubber and paper. The cutting edge of circular knives are available in several profiles (serrated, serrated, scalloped, perforated, saw tooth shapes, or even more complex tooth shapes). Each profile has its own specialty. The difficulty in manufacturing is the ratio of the diameter to the thickness of the circular blade.

To improve the safety and performance of the knives and ensure sustainable use, we have implemented packaging measures. Each stainless steel round knife comes in a pre-formed package to keep the cutting edge razor-sharp.

The following geometries are available:

  • Single ground-up fold (EAV);
  • Single tapered crease with tip (EAVT);
  • Double ground crease (DAV);
  • Double tapered fold with single tip (DAVT);
  • Double tapered fold with double tip (DAVT2);
  • Special fold (SV).

How do circular knives work?

Circular knives work by the rotation of the blade and the pressure applied to the material being cut. The cutting edge of the blade rotates and cuts through the material. The pressure applied to the blade provides a clean, precise cut.

Why are circular knives important in the packaging industry?

Circular knives are an indispensable tool in the packaging industry because of the following reasons:
  1. Efficient production: circular knives can cut quickly and accurately, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the production process. 
  2. Versatility:Circular knives can be used to cut different materials, such as film, paper and cardboard. This makes them suitable for various applications in the packaging industry. 
  3. Accurate cut: Circular blades provide a clean and accurate cut, reducing waste and damaged products.
  4. Durability: Circle blades are made of durable materials and can last a long time, reducing the cost of blade replacement.

Applications of circular knives in the packaging industry

Circular knives are widely used in the packaging industry for various applications, including: 
  1. Cutting packaging film: Circular knives are used for cutting packaging film to size for food and beverage packaging. 
  2. Cutting cardboard boxes: Circular knives are used to cut cardboard boxes to size for packaging various products. Cutting labels: 
  3. Circular knives are used to cut labels to size for packaging.


Circular knives are an important tool in the packaging industry because of their efficiency, versatility, precise cut. Circular knives are round knives with a sharp edge used to cut materials. They are available in different sizes and can be customized for different applications. Circular knives are often used in the packaging industry because of their high cutting performance and durability.