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Star punches or punching knives are used in the packaging process. The stars punches provide packaging edges with customer-specific features and are mainly used with thermoforming packaging machines. Punching stars are available in different sizes and varieties, such as full stars, half stars and air punches.

What is a punch knife?

Punch knives, punches or punch stars are used at the end of the packaging process. A package begins as plastic film, paper or cardboard and is formed into the final product. Punches add customer-specific features to the packaging or packaging edges. Punch knives come in a variety of shapes, sizes and dimensions. Punching knives commonly found in the food and packaging industry are:

  • Full Star Punches;
  • Half Star Punches;
  • Euro slot punches, euro punches of eurolochs;
  • Hole punches;
  • Air punches.

For which packaging machines are punching knives suitable?

Star Punches (full star punches and half star punches)

Punching stars are manufactured to form the edges of packaging on thermoforming machines. Punching stars are produced from hardened stainless steel and are divided into full stars and half stars. The use of punching stars is determined by the width of the packaging line. With a full star, four packaging edges can be formed. With a half star, the capacity is lower and two packages are formed. In both cases, the edges are punched at the same time.

Whole and half punch stars are often combined. The full stars are located in the center of the packaging line and the half stars are located on the sides of the packaging line. An punchline knife is mounted between the punching stars. These punchline knives ensure that the thermoformed packages are perforated or cut loose.

In which industries are punch stars used?

  • Convenience foods;
  • Medical;
  • Bakery;
  • Poultry.

Air punches or punching plugs

Air punches add gas to packaging from a thermoforming machine and are made of stainless steel. This gives the products a longer shelf life and better protection against bacteria.

In which industries are air punches used?

  • Convenience foods;
  • Medical;
  • Dairy;
  • Poultry.

Euro slot punches or eurolochs

Euro slot punches are made of tool steel and can be used in multiple packaging lines. Eurlochs provide the packaging with a notch. The notch makes the packaging easy to hang and user-friendly. Eurolocks can be built in or are available separately.

In which industries are euro slot punches used?

  • Convenience foods;
  • Medical;
  • Bakery;
  • Poultry.

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