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Skinner blades

Skinner blades are used to remove the skin from the fresh product. Skinner and derinding blades are used in the food industry, such as with meat, fish and poultry. In addition, industrial skinner knives provide a solution when cutting equivalent slices of salami, cheese and sausage. 

What is a skinner blade?

Skinner blades, derinder blades or skinner knives are suitable for cutting and filleting food such as vegetables, fruits, ham, cheese, salami, fresh fish, poultry and meat. We offer a wide variety of profiles, bevels, angles and corrosion-resistant materials. Nonwoven knives increase the efficiency of your meat processing.

Our materials meet the requirements of professional meat processing, and the cutting geometries guarantee precise cuts, ensuring optimal meat yields. The second stage of skinning is not necessary. The processed meat meet the desired cutting quality in the first stage.

Our skinner blades have a proven cutting range and are ideally suited for cutting perfect slices. The bevels, high initial sharpness and long endurance of the cut make for a durable skinner blade with low friction and fewer slice problems.

What varieties of skinner blades are available?

Skinner knives come in different shapes, sizes and materials, depending on the specific application and type of product being processed. They are typically made of high-quality, durable materials such as stainless steel and can come with different handles and cutting edges for optimal grip and performance.

Using skinner knives can help improve the productivity and efficiency of your food handling process. By removing skin quickly and accurately, you can increase throughput and improve the quality of your products. In addition, using fleece knives can help improve hygiene in your production process, as skin removal can help reduce bacteria and other contaminants.

When purchasing skinner knives, it is important to choose high-quality, durable knives that are suitable for your specific application and products. Choose a reliable supplier with experience and expertise in the food processing industry, such as a reputable knife manufacturer.

In what industry are derinder blades used?

Skinner knives are used in industrial meat processing of beef, pork and lamb. The industrial knives are suitable for multiple skinning machines and can meet your cutting application. In addition, the industrial knives can be used in automated pizza lines. Among other things, the knives are used to cut salami, bacon, ham, sausage, vegetables and cheese into the desired size. In fish products, the skinner blades are used to skin fresh fish. This is the process of removing the skin from the fish.

Types of processes in which skinner knives are used

  • Food processing;
  • Processing of bacon;
  • Processing of pizza topping;
  • Processing of bread;
  • Fresh fish processing.

Applications for skinner blades

For the desired cutting result, a distinction is made between:
  • Types of materials (corrosion resistant);
  • Types of coatings (TiN coating); 
  • Types of cutting edge profiles (HM, Concave, Convex, Toothed, Smooth).

Advantages of skinner blades

  • Reliable Leaf Quality;
  • Suitable for all standard machines;
  • Advanced geometry to meet specifications;
  • Reduced manual post-processing;
  • Available in many shapes and sizes.
All in all, skinner knives are indispensable tools for anyone working in the food processing industry. They can contribute to increased productivity, improved quality of your products and improved hygiene in your production process. Contact a trusted supplier to learn more about fleece knives and the possibilities for your specific application.