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Straight and serrated knives

In any industry, good material is a requirement. Especially when it comes to knives. Especially in the food industry, various types are frequently used. For example, choose from knives for vertical filling and sealing machines, tray sealing machines or perforating knives for film, foil and vacuum packaging. The cutting edge can vary from serrated, straight or stabbing knives.

Packaging knives are an important part of packaging machines. These knives are used to cut and shape packaging, and are essential for an efficient and accurate packaging process. In this text, we will discuss what packaging knives are, what they are used for and why they are important to the packaging industry.

What are packing knives?

Packaging knives are knives used to cut different types of materials used in packaging machines. These knives come in different types, sizes and materials depending on the application. Some common materials that make up packaging knives are carbon steel, stainless steel and tungsten carbide.

Applications of packaging knives

Packaging knives are used in different types of packaging machines, such as flow packers, sealers, fill and seal machines and slicers. These knives are used to cut and shape materials such as film, cardboard, plastic and paper. This allows materials to be cut to size and folded and shaped correctly to create the desired packaging.

Why are packaging knives important to the packaging industry?

Packaging knives are vital to the packaging industry for several reasons:
  1. Efficiency: Packaging knives provide a more efficient packaging process by cutting and forming materials quickly and accurately. This increases productivity and reduces packaging machine downtime. 
  2. Accuracy: Packaging knives provide accurate cuts and shapes, making packages the right size. This ensures a professional appearance of the finished product and reduces the likelihood of errors and rejects. 
  3. Durability: Packing knives made from high-quality materials, such as tungsten carbide, last longer and resist wear and corrosion. This reduces the need for regular replacement and saves costs in the long run. 
  4. Safety: Packing knives are designed to be safe to use and prevent injury. Proper maintenance and replacement of knives on time, ensures a safe working environment.


Packaging knives are an essential part of packaging machines and are of great importance to the packaging industry. They ensure a more efficient and accurate packaging process and provide a professional look to the packaging.