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Seal parts

Are you looking for quality seal parts for your packaging machines? We offer an extensive range of seal parts, including seal bars, seal wires and seal strips. With our high-quality seal parts, you are assured of optimal sealing of your packaging. Order today and improve the efficiency of your packaging process!
If you are looking for quality seal parts for your packaging machine, you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of seal parts, including seal plates, insulation plates, seal wires, seal bands, seal rubber, heating elements, PT-100 elements and PTFE Teflon.

Our seal parts are suitable for various packaging machines, including top seal machines, VFFS machines and HFFS machines. Our products are of high quality and produced according to the strictest standards. This ensures reliable operation of your packaging machine and optimum seal quality of your packaging.

Our sealing plates are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. This allows you to find the perfect sealing plate for your specific application. In addition, we also offer insulation plates to minimize heat loss and improve the energy efficiency of your packaging machine.

Our seal wires, seal bands and seal rubber are all high quality and suitable for various applications. Whether you produce small or large packages, we have the right seal parts for your machine.

Our heating elements and PT-100 elements are essential components for proper operation of your packaging machine. We offer various types of heating elements, including ceramic and metal elements. In addition, we also have PT-100 elements for temperature measurement and control.

Finally, we also offer PTFE Teflon, a material known for its excellent chemical and thermal properties. This material is suitable for a variety of applications in your packaging machine.

In short, with us you will find a wide range of high-quality seal parts. Our products are suitable for various packaging machines and we guarantee optimal operation of your machine and high quality of your packaging. Please contact us for more information or a customized quote.