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Carbon vanes

Carbon vanes are ideally suited as padding materials for dry-running vacuum pumps and compressors without oil. This ensures the best performance from the machine.

Carbon vanes

carbon vane is a turntable that allows the creation of suction for the removal of air molecules from a vessel, machine or particular area. Most applications of a vane made of carbon graphite are in vacuum pumps, fuel tanks or rotary compressors. Carbon vanes are also called carbon vanes or carbon vanes.

What are carbon vanes?

Carbon and graphite are materials that are resistant to very high temperatures and corrosion. Carbon vanes are suitable for both wet and dry running. Carbon vanes cannot foul pump media and are chemically inert.

One of the advantages of carbon vanes is that they have good self-lubricating properties. This means that they can be used for liquids with poor lubricating properties, such as gasoline. An additional advantage is that because there is no grease, the pumped liquid is free of contaminants. In addition, carbon vanes are subject to low wear, making them especially suitable for fast-running pumps.

What are carbon vanes made of?

Based on operating conditions and pumping media, vanes can be made of carbon graphite, resin-bonded graphite or metal-impregnated carbon graphite. Most carbon vanes are made of resin-bonded graphite. They are manufactured to withstand temperatures up to 180°C.

Due to the nature of carbon, the chance of a chemical reaction between the carbon vane and the pump solution is minimal.

Where are carbon vanes used?

Carbon vanes, or carbon vanes, are used in many different machines and industries. The sectors in which most carbon vanes are used are the industrial, mechanical and automotive sectors.

The machines and equipment in which carbon vanes are used:

  • Dry-running rotary vacuum pumps and compressors
  • Mobile compressors on bulk tankers
  • Paint spraying equipment
  • Printing machines
  • Packaging machines
  • Wet-running vane pump and gauges

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