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Bowl chopper machines

Reduce large and small portions of meat, even frozen meat, in a protected environment with a bowl chopper machine. Bowl chopper machines are flexible machines for practically all preparation tasks involving mixing, particle reduction and emulsification. It is easy to switch between different recipes and any meat texture can be achieved (from coarse to the finest emulsion). This is not at the expense of productivity. In addition, during operation, the ingredients are mixed identically.
Bowl chopper machines are indispensable in the meat processing industry. These machines make it possible to chop and mix meat quickly and efficiently. K+G Wetter, Seydelmann and Laska are three of the most renowned brands in the field of bowl chopper machines. In this text, we answer the most important questions about bowl chopper machines and the different models and types available.

What are bowl chopper machines?

Bowl chopper machines are machines used to chop and mix meat. They consist of a large bowl with a rotating blade inside. The blade chops the meat as it is rotated. Due to the speed of the blade and the shape of the bowl, the meat is chopped and mixed quickly and efficiently.

What models and types of bowl chopper machines are available?

K+G Wetter, Seydelmann and Laska offer different models and types of bowl chopper machines. For example, K+G Wetter offers the G 160, G 200, G 330 and G 530 models. Seydelmann offers the K 60, K 90, K 120, K 200 and K 324 models. Laska offers the KU 250, KU 400, KU 500 and KU 660 models. These models each have their own specifications and capacities, so you can choose the machine that best suits your needs.

What are the advantages of using a bowl chopper machine?

Using a bowl chopper machine has several advantages. First, the machine can chop and blend meat quickly and efficiently, saving time and labour. Secondly, the consistency of the chopped meat can be adjusted to suit different applications. Thirdly, the machine ensures a hygienic working environment as there is no need to chop the meat by hand.

Where can I buy bowl chopper machines?

If you are looking for a bowl chopper machine, visit Here, you will find a wide range of bowl chopper machines from renowned brands such as K+G Wetter, Seydelmann and Laska. You can also visit for spare parts and accessories for your machine. Moreover, offers expert advice and technical support to ensure you get the machine that best suits your needs.

Whether you are a small business in need of a simple bowl chopper machine or a large business in need of a high-capacity machine, has the right product for you. Visit our website today and discover our full range of bowl chopper machines and parts.