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Thermal printers

Thermal printing uses heat to put a print on paper or label. You can use thermal printers to produce receipts, product labels or shipping labels. There are two types of techniques. There can be heat-based printing or ribbon-based printing. The latter is often used when making barcodes. The heat-based technique is frequently used for receipts, for example.

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient printer for your business or personal use? Then consider a thermal printer! In this text, we will explain what thermal printers are, what components they contain and how to use them.

What is a thermal printer?

A thermal printer is a device that prints text or images on paper by using heat. This is done by transferring heat from a thermal element to a thermal paper, causing a chemical reaction that creates the image or text on the paper.

What parts do thermal printers contain?

Thermal printers have several components, including a print head, a paper feeder, a control mechanism and an interface. The print head is the most important part and is responsible for printing information. Some of these are:
  • A thermal print head: this element converts electrical energy into heat and is used to create the image or text on the paper.
  • A thermal paper roll: this is the paper on which the image or text will be printed. 
  • A controller card: this is the brain of the printer that controls the printing process. 
  • A power source: this provides power to the printer.

How are thermal printers used?

Thermal printers are widely used in various industries such as retail, healthcare and logistics. Some applications of thermal printers include:
  • Receipts: many stores use thermal printers to print receipts because they can be printed quickly and efficiently. 
  • Shipping labels: logistics companies use thermal printers to print shipping labels because they are long lasting and do not fade. 
  • Medical labels: hospitals and pharmacies use medical labels to specify medications.

How does a thermal printer work?

A thermal printer works by using heat to print images or text on paper. It works by heating a thermal print ribbon, which melts the ink on the paper to print images or text. Thermal printers usually work with two types of thermal printing methods: direct thermal and thermal transfer.

Parts thermal printer

  • Printheads
  • Ribbon
  • Plate rollers
  • Pads
  • Cleaning items

What are the applications of thermal printers?

Thermal printers are often used for printing labels, receipts and tickets. They are widely used in the retail, hospitality, healthcare and logistics industries. Other applications include printing receipts, shipping labels, passes and wristbands.

What should I look for when choosing a thermal printer?

When choosing a thermal printer, there are a number of factors to consider, including print quality, speed, connectivity and price.