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Vacuum pumps

Keep food fresh and tenable longer by vacuum packaging. With a vacuum pump you can achieve this. The operation is similar to a compressor, but the application is now on the suction side. Air or other gas is drawn out of a space. In addition, bacteria and viruses are removed. 

What is a dry-running rotary vacuum pump?

A dry-running rotary vacuum pump is a reliable, powerful, compact vacuum pump. The pump is oil-free making it suitable for industrial applications that require reliable and fast vacuum. Rotary vane vacuum pumps can be used for various types of packaging processes.

What are the advantages of a dry-running rotary vacuum pump?

There are a number of advantages of a rotary vane vacuum pump:

  • Oil-free operation, high availability and operational reliability. This due to self-lubricating and wear-resistant rotary sliders made of special graphite, life-lubricated bearings and a robust construction.
  • Compact size. this allows the pump to be easily installed almost anywhere.
  • Energy-efficient drive with efficient operation.
  • Simple maintenance that can be performed by yourself.
  • Besides replacing the slides and filters on time and regular checks, no additional maintenance is required.

How a dry-running rotary vacuum pump works?

  1. The vacuum pump consists of a cylindrical pump housing and an electric motor. Inside the pump housing is an eccentrically placed rotor with vacuum vanes. The vacuum vanes are also called vanes.
  2. The rotor in the pump housing rotates, causing the vanes to move toward the pump housing wall. This creates chambers in a 360-degree circle.
  3. The air is drawn in, compressed and then pushed out again.
  4. In this way, the pump sucks causing vacuum to build up.
The dry-running rotary vane vacuum pump consists of individual parts such as vanes, gaskets, filters and pump parts. The vanes should be replaced in a timely manner. The life of the rotary vane vacuum pump depends, among other things, on the environment in which the vacuum pump is located. The machine wears faster when it is in a wet, dirty, hot or cold environment. Therefore, make sure the machine is at room temperature in a clean, dry environment.

Characteristics of dry-running vacuum pumps

  • The compact, simple and robust construction makes the pumps extremely reliable;
  • The pumps are suitable for both vacuum and compression;
  • Very user-friendly for service work;
  • Standard air cooling and directly driven by e-motor;
  • Low noise level, from 50 to 75dB(A) depending on pump size;
  • High pump efficiency across the entire pump curve;
  • Standard equipped with internal intake filter;
  • Equipped with a silencer on the exhaust side as standard;
  • Standard voltage range 1~ 220-240V 50/60Hz, 3~ 220-255/380-440V 50/60Hz.

What parts does a dry-running rotary vane vacuum pump have?

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