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Timing belt set 8101871823SP | 30 -T10-920 + 3 mm for Bosch packaging machines


Product number: BAVB0066
USP private label timing belt set 8101871823SP functions by the action of vacuum. The drive belt consists of two combined parts, the timing belt (red/brown) and the coating (blue). The brown timing belt is made of polyurethane and is completed with a silicone coating. This silicone coating is wear resistant due to the action of vacuum, but on the other hand it provides more grip.

The polyurethane timing belt has a length of 920 mm, a width of 30 mm and has 92 teeth. The tooth pitch is implemented in a type T variant. This means that the tooth pitch has a standard dimension of 10 mm. The blue coating has a hardness of 60 Shore-A.

All coatings are applied as endless coverings, allowing the belts to run in both directions. In addition, polyurethane timing belts can be coated with the same materials.

The silicone coating occurs in different hardnesses. The most common hardnesses are 25, 30, 50  and 60 Shore-A. A coating of silicone occurs mainly in the colors red, blue and white. The silicone coating is temperature resistant up to 150 degrees Celsius. In addition, the drive belts are easy to clean.
Specifications "Timing belt set 8101871823SP | 30 -T10-920 + 3 mm for Bosch packaging machines"
Available for: Syntegon
Coating: Polyurethane (PU), Silicone (SI)
Color: Blue
Hardness: 60 (Shore-A)
Material: Polyurethane (PU)
Number of products per set: 2
Operation: Vacuum
Product group: Timing belts
Thickness (mm): 3
OEM and/or part numbers: Replacement timing belt for :
  • Bosch: 8101871823SP
Length (mm): 920
Width (mm): 30
Seo OEM-nr: 8101871823SP
Other specifications:
Tooth pitchT=10 mm
Number of teeth  92
Overlay 3 mm
Hardness  60 Shore-A
Vacuum type B (right)
Manufacturer "Unlimited Spare Parts"
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